Starting Over, Again - And That's Okay

Starting Over, Again - And That's Okay

As I have in the past, a few times now, I’m starting over with my personal website. Much of my starting and stopping the past few years, truthfully, has been due to confusion.

“What should I post?”

“How should I post it?”

“Who is going to read it, or care?”

However, over the past few years, I’ve seen great examples of other peoples sites that were simple, clean and authentically their own. They blog short posts, they have quick thoughts on important or timely topics and I saw them use their blog almost as a ‘longer twitter’. For so long, I thought I had to have long posts, with pretty pictures and fully thought through takes. In fact, I was attracted to the opposite. I was more intrigued by others ‘figuring it out’ or ‘growing’ through their writing, posting and sharing.

As I go through the day I find myself saying, “That would be an interesting post.”, but I never had anywhere to put it, so I had to create that space.

I plan on creating a space for multiple things, places to put my writing, my audio, my video, my potential art, and other links to topics and people that I find interesting. Top movie lists, podcast notes, favorite sites, friends who are creating, these are all are pages I hope to start and grow over the years.

Thanks for following along and for your support!


The beginning is the most important part of the work.
— Plato
Warmth of Wisconsin - Bucks, Beer and Bacon

Warmth of Wisconsin - Bucks, Beer and Bacon