I’m currently working hard at creating this personal website before my wedding season starts for the year.


My body has been saying ‘heal’ lately. I’m taking time in May to focus on nutrition, exercising in nature and healing, both physically and mentally.

I am also digitizing all my old CD’s - it’s been really fun finding the music I used to listen to so much.

I also organized my basement using totes. I divided things into the following categories:

  1. Save for Memories (limited to one box)

  2. Current Needs - paperwork or highly used things I use on a regular basis

  3. Dotate

I’m very excited for my two work benches, I found having a space to lay things out, see them and work on them has helped to move forward with my tasks.


I’m going to focus on reading as well. My plan is to read David Goggins book “Can’t Hurt Me”

Update: I finished the book - You can find the Book Notes to: Can’t Hurt Me here

I just found Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man Search for Meaning’ in an old pile of books, so I’ll be reading that in the next week or so.